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The different fragrance concentration can be confusing. The higher amount of perfume oil concentration, the fragrance will contain less alcohol, therefore the cost of the fragrance is greater. The fragrance will be better quality, in terms of pureness, and should have increased tenacity (lasting power).


Has the highest concentration of oils, between 20 – 40%. This should provide longer tenacity; it generally costs more.
Eau de Parfum (EDP)

Has the second highest oil concentration, between 15 -20%. Less oil will mean more alcohol, it may have less tenacity than a Parfum. The cost of a EDP will also be less than a Parfum.
Eau de Toilette (EDT)

Has the third highest oil concentration, between 5 – 15%. It will have a greater amount of alcohol, than Parfum and EDP. The tenacity may not be as good as the Parfum or EDP concentrations.
Eau de Cologne (EDC)

Has an oil concentration between 2 – 5%, such fragrances are great for summer or hot weather. They may not last as long as the other concentrations, but in high heat will not be cloying.
Eau Fraîche
Has an oil concentration between 1-3%, very similar to EDC fragrances, excellent for summer or hot weather.

Does the same named fragrance smell identical in different concentrations?
The simple answer is no they do not. You may initially smell the same DNA in the different concentrations. However, as the fragrance evolves and settles, the profile may change slightly or greatly. It may even smell like a completely different fragrance. Always test a fragrance in different concentrations before purchasing, given the profile will mostly be different.

How does the different concentrations feel on skin?

After the initial spray on skin, Parfum and EDP tend to be oiler (in a good way), EDT and other concentrations feel more wet due to alcohol content. Once all concentrations dry down, they most likely will not feel any different on skin.

Is it true Parfum always has greater tenacity?

In our experience this is not always the case. The fragrance composition, skin type and body chemistry are all factors for longevity. Do not be surprised if an EDP or EDT outperforms a Parfum. For example, an EDT can have better longevity and projection than concentrations with more oil. If possible, test a fragrance on skin before buying.


If a fragrance concentration is more oiler or has a darker colour, just be careful getting it on clothes, more so on lighter coloured clothing, due to possible staining.